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When the 15th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return is forthcoming, our website is successfully launched, which means Sheen Tai has a new window to the outside. On behalf of Sheen Tai Holdings, I’d like to extend my sincerest gratitude and highest respect to those who have cared for, helped and supported the group in every aspect.

Sheen Tai today appears even more generous, open and self-confident and she devotes steadiness, peacefulness, cohesion and accessibility to the public just as sky blue and land green in the logo.

After undergoing through such development stages of foreign trade agent, industrial transformation and capital operation, Sheen Tai Holdings has developed from an unknown small business to an excellent tobacco packaging material manufacturer and supplier in Hong Kong and China’s mainland as a result of wisdom and sweat of the management team and all staff.

Being aggressive enough to take advantage of change is Sheen Tai’s tradition. For long time, Sheen Tai Holdings has won high degree of trust from tobacco manufacturers with quality products and high-efficient management. In future, by creating higher value for customers, Sheen Tai Holdings will seize the opportunity to expand its share of China’s tobacco packaging market through strategic acquisition and self business expansion, building corporate long-term value in a bid to keep Sheen Tai evergreen.

Talents are a guarantee for the development of Sheen Tai and casting fine corporate culture is a fundamental driver for our progress. While returning shareholders with good performance, we will cherish gratitude and actively assume responsibility for environment and society, working hard to create an environment-friendly, caring others and personalized enterprise.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to stride summit, Sheen Tai Holdings will maintain the passion, going beyond ourselves, making concerted efforts, scaling new heights, expanding into new realms, and will realize sustainable development in the long run.